Ivy League Pre-School has a state-of-the-art indoor gym facility that the children use all year long. Each class has 25 minutes of playtime each class that they are here. Teachers enjoy having organized game time with their class. Then, the children will have time to play with our riding toys, slides, and shooting the hoops.

We also offer a beautiful, well-designed outdoor playground, a climbing tower and a Pirate Ship. We also have Legoland, which is filled with a variety of playhouses where the children can express their imagination through pretend play. The children enjoy their outdoor playground time. The safety of our children is our first concern. Both their teacher and assistant teacher will always be with the class during their gym time.

Ivy League is a large, sprawling school. Our grounds are beautifully manicured. The teacher and children are always welcome to use the fields to play ball or soccer.