4 Year Old Program

Ivy League Pre-School has a comprehensive 4 year old program that encompasses academic skills, establishing a positive self image, social skills, and a love for learning.  Each week brings new challenges learning a letter, its sound, how to use it through pictures and printing the letter the proper way.  Handwriting is an integral part of this program and we believe that children should be taught the correct way and practice through handwriting worksheets and hands-on activities.  Each week we will introduce a letter or a number.  Sight words are introduced to each child during circle time activities.  Within a few weeks, children are using these sight words in sentences and they are displayed on the classroom’s blackboard.  Our 4 year olds will have the opportunity to come out reading and forming their own sentences.

Children will be exposed to numbers from 1 to 20.  They will also be introduced to ordinal numbers, sequencing, and simple addition.  In addition, we introduce many thematic units and celebrate all of the holidays.  Lastly, our 4 year old program encompasses Physical Education, Yoga, Music and Movement, and Strength and Agility.